Social Content doesn’t have to be complicated, but it has to be compelling. And audience expectations are high. Brands need to know their story and tell it in a way that makes people care. It’s a kind of storytelling that requires thought. It requires strategy. It requires artistry. And it needs to blend those elements together effortlessly.

I’m Susan K. I am a storytelling content creator who knows how to tell a story that makes people care. My posts on social routinely get thousands of views likes and shares. My work has taught me a few things about growing your audience.


Creating Content is dead

People know the difference between what is genuine and what is fabricated, and that’s why brands have to make the shift from creating content to capturing content. Audiences are thirsty for real life and real connections and bullshit just isn’t cutting it anymore. They want to see behind the brand, behind the facade and behind the marketing. Uncovering stories rather than creating them is key for audience engagement.